Member Management Software For Your Gym

Person using member management software to automatically bill their customers monthly

The right fitness software makes managing your gym easy and saves time. Our member management software does just that, and doesn’t break the bank. RhinoFit offers three different pricing tiers for every level of gym management. The software automates the daily tasks associated with membership management and puts you back on the gym floor where you’re needed. Whether a seasoned gym owner or just starting out, we have the right software for your gym.

What if you don’t own a gym? Personal trainers love our software too. RhinoFit makes scheduling clients and billing for services easy. The member management section helps keep track of benchmarks and performance.

Billing members is time consuming. Our software automates billing so you know your membership fees are being collected. Additionally, communicating with your members can also be challenging. We make it easy to communicate with your members with our email/SMS messaging system. Cancelling a class is another challenging situation. However, with our email automations you can let everyone know with the click of a mouse.

More Features In Our Member Management Software

RhinoFit offers a full set of features without the hefty price tag. Our member management software provides a way to access your gym 24 hours a day using key tags and barcode scanners. Staffing the gym 24 hours a day is no longer necessary because you now have an automated front desk check in at your disposal as well as a sign-in kiosk. RhinoFit also makes use of digital waivers, attendance tracking, and a robust reporting system. 

RhinoFit also has a wide range of features designed for the athletes in your gym. Tracking their progress as they reach their fitness goals keeps them active in the process. Athletes can reserve spots and schedule appointments using the class calendar. We offer attractive pricing for every business level and can have you setup in under 7 minutes.

RhinoFit Gym Management Software Price chart - includes karate software and taekwondo software running on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices.

Let RhinoFit Do All The Heavy Lifting With Our Member Management Software