Email Communication Makes Your Members Feel Important

Member communication is critical to providing a great customer experience. Happy members keep coming back to the gym. As a gym owner, you must constantly bring in new members to keep your business growing. At the same time you must also retain the members you already have. Email communication helps to keep these members engaged and interested in the gym. Our email automations are built into the software and provide a way to communicate directly with members. Keep reading to learn more about member communication.

Email Communication Using Automations

There comes a time when gym owners must communicate with their members. Whether it’s about a late payment or a cancelled class, it’s important to have a system that makes communicating with members easy. Working with gym owners over the years, we’ve created a powerful email automation system designed to make communicating with your members simple yet effective. Additionally, it will save you valuable time better spent with your members.

Email Templates

First, we offer a wide range of email templates covering just about any situation encountered at the gym. We’ve included late payment notices, cancelled class notifications, and expiring credit card warnings just to name a few. We’ve even included warm wishes for birthdays and anniversaries.

Email Automation

Second, we provide the ability to schedule these emails and send them automatically. Schedule them to be sent on an anniversary or birthday. Finally we allow you to personalize them with the members full name and your gym signature. See what else you can do with email automations below.

Easy To Use Templates

We offer a wide array of pre-formatted templates covering just about any situation, including birthdays, anniversaries, late payments, and expiring memberships. You can create as many as you need, and send them whenever you want.

Create Your Own Templates

If you come across a situation we don't have a template for, it's possible to create your own template to address the situation. Simply type up the email, add your variables, and save the email to your template list.

Automate Sending

Select the emails you would like to automate, and add them to your queue. If you add the Birthday email, it will automatically be sent to anyone celebrating a birthday that day.

Custom Variables

Addressing your members by name shows that you care. We provide custom variables which you may use to give your email that personalized look and feel. Sign your email with your gym name signature.

Recipient Options

We make it easy to choose the recipients for your email. You can select from different groups like staff or students. You can choose to send an email to everyone with a Deluxe membership, or just to those people whose membership has expired.

Spend Less Time Marketing And More Time With Your Members