Gym Billing Software Makes Getting Paid Easy

invoices generated by gym billing software sitting on a desk

Automatic billing makes it easy to get paid. Most gym owners know how much time they spend billing members each month. Furthermore, billing takes up valuable time otherwise spent training clients. Nonetheless, we still hear from gym owners and personal trainers who use another fitness software yet bill their members manually. The only question we have is, why?

RhinoFit offers a powerful billing system with everything needed to bill your members automatically. Furthermore, you select how often and when to bill. Whether monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, RhinoFit charges the credit cards at the interval you choose. You no longer need to manage how much and when, since it’s handled automatically.

Save Time & Money With Gym Billing Software

It’s easy to use our gym billing software. First, you’ll need a payment processor. Processors bridge the gap between merchants and banks, therefore providing a way for merchants to access the Visa/Mastercard payment network. We offer Gulf Management Systems as our preferred payment provider.

They offer discounted processing rates on credit card processing and ACH payments as well. Consequently, using GMS can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in processing fees each year.  They have 30 years of experience in the field and have worked with thousands of gyms over the years. Let GMS help you save money too.

It's Easy To Start Billing Automatically With RhinoFit

Create A Membership Or Package

First you'll need to create a membership or package. You'll then sell these to your members when they join your gym. You may create a wide range of memberships to suit the needs of your clients.

Setup A Billing Frequency

When creating a membership, you're prompted to enter the billing frequency. Setting the frequency lets the system know how often to create a bill. If monthly was selected as the frequency, the software automatically creates a bill each month.

Add The Membership To A Profile

In RhinoFit, each member of your gym has a profile. The profile stores all the information pertaining to that member. When the member is ready to join, they'll purchase a membership which you'll then add to their profile.

RhinoFit Gym Management Software Price chart - includes karate software and taekwondo software running on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices.

Gym Billing Software Saves Time & Money

Save time and money using using gym billing software and GMS as your payment processor.