Eliminate The Front Desk With A Gym Kiosk

The RhinoFit Sign-In Kiosk acts like a virtual front desk with it’s gym check in software. It gives you the freedom to leave the desk unattended and spend more time on the gym floor. You can also save money on payroll by eliminating the front desk position. 

The kiosk is a valuable tool for any gym owner. Not only does it keep track of attendance, but it provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the traffic at your gym. There’s never been a better tool for measuring trends and traffic patterns. The kiosk is your front desk watchdog as well as data generator.gym 

Kiosk Features

The gym kiosk is fully configurable. You can change colors, add your gym logo, and choose what happens when someone signs in. You may also leave a personalized message on the screen for your members. It even has the option to include a camera for those wishing to include a picture with their profile. The kiosk also runs on several different devices.


The kiosk runs on several different devices. Laptop, desktop computers, or a tablet. It can be used with a touch screen or mouse.


You may choose to enable the camera on the kiosk device. This is a great way to get members to add picture to their profile page.

Personalized URL

Launch your sign-in kiosk using a personalized link found inside the RhinoFit software. This link is specific to your gym only.

Personalized Message

Display a personalized message for those signing into the gym. Leave a basic greeting or a motivational phrase. It's up to you.

Gym Logo

Add your gym's logo to the display page along with your personalized message. Make sure your brand is visible to all who enter.

Who Can Log In

Choose what type of members are allowed to log in. You have the option to allow past, current, or potential members using a trial membership.

Why Is Using The Kiosk Beneficial?

Each time a member uses the gym kiosk to sign-in, important data is collected and stored. This information can help you learn more about your gym’s traffic patterns. For instance, you’ll determine the busiest time of the day, the most popular classes, which instructors are most popular, and how often a particular member uses the gym. Personal trainers love using the kiosk because it provides them with a running tally of clients they’ve trained. Using the reporting system built into RhinoFit you can then plan each day accordingly. Learn more about our member management software.

Member using a gym kiosk