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Gym management software drives today’s fitness industry. Generally speaking, it would be nearly impossible to run a busy gym without some type of member management software. Built for the fitness industry, RhinoFit offers gym owners an inexpensive alternative to overpriced management software. We strive to provide an easy-to-use set of tools designed specifically for gym owners and personal trainers alike. 

Our software includes a mobile app for Android or Apple phones. It can be used on any device with a connection to the internet. Furthermore it provides you with the ability to automate the most time consuming tasks in your gym. Above all else, you can save time and money using our gym management software.

Gym Management Software Features

Member Management

Add unlimited members and custom gym memberships to your member's profile.

24/7 Gym Access

Run your gym around the clock with our 24hr door access system.

Class Calendar

Share your calendar for your members to book appointments and reserve classes.

Automatic Billing

Bill your members automatically each month with our recurring billing.

POS Store

Sell products online or at your gym with our built-in point of sale options.

Email Marketing

Create custom email campaigns and run special promotions for your gym.

Digital Waivers

Manage online waivers and other health forms for your members to digitally sign.

Website Templates

Use our custom website templates and integrations to increase online sales.

Gym Check-in

Members can sign into classes, appointments, and events using a tablet placed at the desk.

Who can use our Gym Management Software?

Our fitness software supports a wide range of different gyms. Any facility offering memberships, classes, or appointments can benefit from using our software. Each new version of our software reflects the feedback we’ve received from our users. As we introduce and adjust features, we undoubtedly strive to create the best gym management software available.

Let RhinoFit™ do all the heavy lifting so you can get back to the gym floor.

Web+EMV+Affililate Program
Get a Website + EMV Terminal + Affiliate Link for only $349.99 (Save $350)
For a limited time only, RhinoFit is offering a special introductory package that includes our website templates, EMV point of sale terminal, and affiliate...
EMV Blog Picture
RhinoFit now offers real-time point-of-sale capabilities!
RhinoFit has released a new integrated point-of-sale terminal for it’s users. This enhanced functionality will enable gym owners to quickly and securely...
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RhinoFit launches a New Sports Nutrition Line!
RhinoFit is proud to announce that we have launched our new supplement line for our users! The premium sports nutrition line includes a full line of pre-workout...
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Increase online sales at your gym by following these 5 steps!
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Web+EMV+Affililate Program
Get a Website + EMV Terminal + Affiliate Link for only $349.99 (Save $350)
For a limited time only, RhinoFit is offering a special introductory package that includes our website templates, EMV point of sale terminal, and affiliate link for only $349.99! Offer expires on 10/1/2023. Custom...
RhinoFit is easy to use, user friendly and members love it. Additionally Rhino makes scheduling and accounting much easier. Consequently, managing our members through Rhino is simple and the site is very user friendly. Overall great experience so far.
Primal crossfit uses RhinoFit Gym Management Software
Greg Carpenter, Owner
Have been using Rhinofit for a few years with zero issues. Great pricing, easy set up, tech support has been helpful the few times I called. Jiu jitsu related progress through ranks, member interface for products, class reservations, and tracking. I switched over from a competitor and am much happier with this platform.
Infinum manages their gym with RhinoFit
Greg Carpenter, Owner
Infinum BJJ
Basically the software is easy to use. There have been constant upgraded features with an understanding to the atmosphere for which the product is used. We haven’t had any problems since refunds have become possible through the Rhinofit platform.
Legends crossfit uses gym management software
Cheyenne Pietri, Co-Owner/Manager
Legend CrossFit