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Top Questions Answered By The RhinoFit Customer Service Department

When you’ve been in the gym management software industry for as long as RhinoFit, you’re bound to get a lot of frequently asked questions. Accordingly our staff has compiled a list of these questions and their answers. Below you will find questions about pricing, hosting questions, troubleshooting, and other general questions we’ve answered over the years. If you still have additional questions please contact us so we can help.  

frequent questions about hosting

RhinoFit is hosted with Amazon Web Services on servers in North America. We have found Amazon to be the best choice for increasing capacity quickly, providing redundant storage, and offering excellent network security.

We do not disclose a map or layout of our network operations, as they frequently change to meet our clients' needs. However, we have enough servers running to accommodate much more traffic than we have, and we can easily add more quickly due to the nature of Amazon's cloud environment.

It is unlikely that servers will go down as they are hosted in Amazon Web Services cloud computing environment.

However, should one of our cloud servers go down, we can easily redeploy a new instance in a matter of minutes from an existing snapshot. Our system is designed and implemented as a fully redundant architecture. We've intentionally designed our system so that the servers going down is not something that keeps us our our customers up at night.

Should a natural disaster occur in the region where our servers are hosted, we have a migration plan that will have us up and running in another region within less than an hour.

Our availability is not constrained to a physical data center or hosting facility, which is one of the perks you receive with web-based software.

At RhinoFit, we strive to be up 100% of the time. According to third-party reporting, our average uptime is greater than 99.95%. Most weeks we have 100% uptime. Invariably, keeping the software and infrastructure up to date requires maintenance and, sometimes, downtime or service degradation.

frequent questions about security

We follow industry standards and best practices, including the strict standards passed down from PCI and OWASP.  This ensures infrastructure is deployed and maintained in a secure manner, and that code is written and published without vulnerabilities.


Moreover, we perform regular vulnerability tests and undergo an annual PCI audit.

Your data is secure in RhinoFit. We have online and offline backups with several points of redundancy, all of which is stored securely in an undisclosed location. We do backups several times a day, and we have a third-party vulnerability scan running regularly.

frequent door access control questions

With 24/7 gym access control, your facility will gain customers, by extending your operating hours, while minimizing expenses, by not hiring extra staff. Additionally, you can automate business logic and control member access rights based off membership type, up-to-date bills, etc.

First Check

  • Door State: This is the state of your door. It will show OPEN or CLOSED. If you did not install the door strike magnet, it will always show OPEN. If you click into the door state, it will bring you the logs of the door being closed/opened.
  • Health: This is the connection to your Door Access Control unit. It will show Disconnected or Connected. If it is Connected and green, your door access is connected to the internet. If it is Disconnected, this means your door is not currently connected to the internet.
  • Unlock Request: This is called a 'manual unlock request'. If you click on the unlock button, it will create the manual unlock request to open the door at anytime to your gym.
  • Voice Recognition: Make sure an AUX cable or an HDMI cable is plugged in correctly. Make sure that the volume on your speaker is all the way up.

Other Solutions

  •  Make sure you have an the internet connection (open the browser and try to search for something).
  • Try unplugging the power cable and replugging it back in to power the DAC back up. This helps if your door scanner is experiencing issues with delayed barcode scanning or double-scanning barcodes.
  • Scanning a valid barcode to see if a message comes up on the screen or not. If no messages come in, it means no internet. If a message does appear, but the door is not opening, then the wiring to your door strike has become unplugged.
  • Inspect the connections between the power supply and door strike to make sure everything is correct and there are no loose wires. Also, make sure the Door Access Control unit is plugged in.
  • To connect to WIFI, you will need to plug the HDMI cable into a monitor/TV and select the channel that allows HDMI. Here you would need to scroll though the Rasperry PI settings to enable wireless WIFI on the door access. You may need to restart the Door Access Control for the HDMI display to initiate.
  • We strongly recommend hardwired internet into the Door Access Control.

frequent general questions

RhinoFit can be considered the best value gym management software. It is easy to use, competitively priced, and offers great features such as digital waivers, door access control, class scheduling, and attendance tracking. The price for all the features you need in RhinoFit will be a fraction of what others will charge you; for instance, RhinoFit is free for some users and everyone gets a free 30-day trial.

Moreover, RhinoFit provides US based phone and email support. Our technicians are hired and trained to understand your business and how RhinoFit can serve your business. Compared to others who send your phone inquiries overseas and your emails into a ticket queue, your experience with RhinoFit will be a joy.

We support customers from the United States and Canada.

For most businesses, our software is a flat rate of only $57/month for unlimited members and data. Fewer than 20 users per month, RhinoFit is available for free. Some addons can increase the monthly fee - see our pricing page for current rates.

Additional Contact Methods For Questions

Support Team

Support Team

Get in touch with our specialist support team weekdays from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm EST for any questions regarding RhinoFit.



Payment Integration

Payment Integration

RhinoFit currently supports users in the United States and Canada.



Report Bug

Report Bug

If you have encountered an issue that has caused your RhinoFit program to stop working contact us and report the problem immediately.



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