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A payment provider allow merchants to collect online payments in a secure environment. Essentially they bridge the gap between those who make payments and those who process them. With a payment provider there is no need to affiliate with any specific bank or institution.  

The first part of the transaction is the Authorization, while the second part is the settlement. From authorization to settlement, payment service providers make sure the funds make it from the customers’ accounts to the merchants’ account. Without this service, online purchases would be impossible.

RhinoFit offers the following providers in the United States & Canada.


Gulf Management Systems


PaySafe (Preferred)
Gulf Management Systems

We Are Payment Providers At Gulf Management Systems

We provide fast, affordable, electronic payment solutions. Each one specifically designed for that business model and budget. As a result, we’ve been able to lower fees and increase revenue for our clients.

If you’re looking for a partner to help save money on electronic payment processing, then look to GMS. We ensure you remain compliant with industry standards and offer the best options for your business.

Our coaches and payment consultants work tirelessly to provide our different communities with this knowledge and experience. We believe an educated merchant is our best client. We call this approach the GMS Way.


Let Gulf Management Systems Be Your Payment Providers