Automatically Bill your Gym Members with RhinoFit’s Member Billing

Member Billing Software for Gyms

Automatically Bill your Gym Members with RhinoFit’s Member Billing

Member Billing for your Gym

Does your member billing take up a lot of your valuable time? Are you tired of reminding members to pay their overdue bills? Member Billing can be a stressful task for most gym owners and staff members. Who wants to deal with all the expired credit cards and failed payments each month?  If you have hundreds of members, reconciling your books could take hours, if not days!

Using outdated software platforms and spreadsheets for tracking your payments can be time consuming and unwieldy. Surprisingly, many fitness businesses still use this type of system every day! RhinoFit’s gym software offers an all-in-one member billing system with all the tools you need to bill your members automatically- saving you precious time and money for your gym!  

RhinoFit’s Member Billing – Set your Payments on Auto Pilot!

Automatic billing saves time, money, and energy that can be spent elsewhere. With automatic billing, you collect payments seamlessly each month and avoid constantly going to the bank and cashing checks.

With RhinoFit, you take full control of setting up your gym memberships and member billing options. Simply create a membership, type in RhinoFit and pick a payment interval!  With RhinoFit you set up your member billing as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually.  With our payment integration, you charge your members’ bank accounts or credit cards and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.  Plus, you can even set up automatic payment reminders and alerts to go out to your members for any failed bills! This way, you can sit back and let RhinoFit do the rest.

Set up a Payment Processor for your Member Billing

Member billing with RhinoFit has been made simple for you. The first thing you’ll need is a payment provider.

As RhinoFit’s parent company with over 30 years of experience, we offer Gulf Management Systems as our preferred payment provider to our gyms. There are many benefits to GMS that other companies don’t provide. Here are a few:

  • Discounted Rates: Get discounted processing rates on credit card processing and ACH payments (clients average 2.3-2.5% for credit cards and a flat rate of $0.50/ACH transaction).
  • Automatic Member Billing: Set up monthly recurring Credit Card or ACH payments.
  • Industry Experience: GMS has worked with thousands of gyms and fitness studios over the years.
  • Excellent Customer Service: GMS works under the same roof as RhinoFit, so all payment issues are handled directly. No need to worry about talking to a robot!
  • Direct Payment Integration: Connect your software seamlessly with GMS. Get updated information on any approved or declined transactions.

Gulf Management Systems has some of the best rates in the fitness industry. Once you choose to go with GMS, we make the sign-up process simple. After you are approved, customer service will provide you with an orientation to explain the process and answer your questions!

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