WOD Tracking Software For Affiliate Gyms, Coaches, And Athletes

You can now create CrossFit style workouts and track athlete performance using the RhinoFit WOD Tracking software. Create professional exercise routines yourself or choose from a set of pre-defined templates already included. We’ve assembled some of the toughest exercises from the CrossFit world and included them for you to use. We’ve even included a Leaderboard, suitable for large screen display, inside your gym or training center. You can even share the results on Facebook.

WOD Tracking Software For Athletes

You don’t have to own a CrossFit gym in order to take advantage of this system. We designed the workout tracking system for every type of gym under the sun. There’s no limit to what type of exercises you can create, it’s totally up to you. Build one set of exercises for aerobic conditioning and another for a pre-class warm-up. Here are some of the exercises you can create.

Stretching Exercises

Create stretching exercises like the Standing Hip Flexor Stretch, Side Lunge, Standing Quad, Glute Bridges, Butterfly, and Standing Quad and more.

Running Exercises

Incorporate running exercises like the 50 Yard Dash, 500 Yard Dash, Jogging, 1 Mile Run, 100 Yard Dash, and Timed Runs

Add Weights

Add weights to any exercise, or incorporate things such as kettle balls, steps, jump ropes, or medicine balls. If you have it in your gym you can add it.

CrossFit Style Workouts

Create realistic CrossFit workouts yourself using the tools provided in the software. Most CrossFit gyms utilize 3 types of exercises designed test endurance or push the athlete to exhaustion. They are AMRAP, EMOM, or AFAP. Each type has it’s own purpose and can be quite beneficial if utilized correctly. We’ve outlined the differences below.

Create Unity In Your Gym With The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is more than just a way to display results. It’s a tool designed to create unity while members compete in a spirited competition. In the CrossFit world, members of the same “tribe” compete against each other, performing a set of exercises called a WOD (Workout Of The Day). As each athlete finishes the WOD, they post their time to the leaderboard and check the results.
The leaderboard serves as a digital ice breaker, uniting members over a common goal. As they share their experience, new friendships are made. Pretty soon, they look forward to coming to the gym, to compete and see their friends. It’s a win win for all involved. The gym stays full and members stay happy. 

WOD Tracking Software Made Easy

In addition to the leaderboard, RhinoFit also provides a way for athletes to track their workout progress. After completing an exercise, the result is entered into the athlete’s portal. Trainers can then use this data to determine where the athlete needs more work. The WOD tracking software engages the athlete because they get to see their performance levels rise. It’s equally engaging for the trainers because they can see their hard work paying off. Everyone wins with RhinoFit!

Display of control used to set reps during a workout

Use these touch screen friendly tools to enter the times, rounds, and reps after completing each exercise in the workout of the day.

Gym member using wod tracking software to track their performance

Display the workout of the day, timer, and the athlete’s workout results live. See where they rank in comparison to others on the Leaderboard.

User sees their current round during their WOD

Use our built-in timer with start/stop option, count-down feature, and buzzer alarm for your AMRAP, EMOM, or AFAP workout.

RhinoFit Gym Management Software Price chart - includes karate software and taekwondo software running on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices.

RhinoFit member management software is available on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and can be utilized with multiple staff log ins. Checking into class or gym attendance with membership verification can be easily optimized with our computer and tablet based sign-in kiosk.