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Download our Free Fitness App for your Gym

What are Fitness Apps?

A fitness app is a software program that can be downloaded on a mobile device or tablet. Most fitness applications can be downloaded for free from either the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store.

Do I need a Fitness App for my Gym?

In today’s fast-paced digital era, where health and fitness have become increasingly popular, fitness apps are highly beneficial for gym owners, personal trainers, and members. In 2023, over 800 million fitness apps were downloaded by users!  These apps are used by many types of fitness businesses including fitness clubs, 24/7 gyms, martial arts centers, yoga studios, sports organizations, and more!

Most fitness apps offer accountability tools for members to track workouts, benchmarks, and nutrition. Users can conveniently monitor their progress, access a clear workout plan every day, and continuously stay motivated.  A fitness app is a powerful tool to level up anyone’s fitness journey and increase member retention at your gym!  

10 Benefits of a Fitness App:

1. A Fitness App Reinforces Member Accountability and Goals

Fitness apps can be used by gym owners and trainers to keep your members on track when it comes to working out, nutrition, and goal setting. Your members will be more inclined to set personal fitness goals, get involved in classes, and attend your gym!

By setting up appointment, class, and event reminders you can encourage your members to stay on course! This way you can keep your members accountable, highly motivated, and focused on their daily workout goals.

2. A Fitness App Improves Member Management

Offering an app for your gym allows your members to access all the information they need right in the palm of their hand. This will save you valuable time when it comes to onboarding new clients. By downloading a fitness app, your members will have full access to add their billing info and payment data in just a few simple steps.

3. A Fitness App Increases Membership and Product Sales

With a fitness app, your members can easily purchase products and memberships directly from the app. They can also add a membership, pay for training sessions, or purchase new fitness gear or supplements with a click of a button. This will help to create new sales opportunities and revenue for your gym. 

4. A Fitness App Enhances Booking and Class Scheduling

Fitness apps give gym owners and trainers the convenience to set their personal availability. Your members can then easily reserve classes, choose their trainer, and book appointments from their device. The more a member can do on their own, the less time and energy staff will spend managing it all.

5. A Fitness App Simplifies the Check-in Process

Fitness Apps contain a QR code or bar code that can be used to check-in to your facility or any fitness classes. This will simplify the check-in process for members. It can also track attendance; a benefit for both the member and you, the gym owner!

6. A Fitness App Provides Convenience for Members

It is no secret that mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. One of the most significant benefits of fitness apps is their convenience. Members can access a wide range of tools from anywhere with just the click of a button… whenever they want! Fitness apps provide everyone with the flexibility they need to stay motivated, fit, and connected!

7. A Fitness App Tracks Workouts and Progress

Fitness apps allow users to track their progress and monitor their fitness goals. With a fitness app, your members can record and post their workout results. They can even post it to a leaderboard feature to see how they rank with other members. This is a perfect opportunity for a bit of healthy competition! With a fitness app, your members can review past workout history, record personal records, milestones achieved, and other progressions.  

8. A Fitness App Enhances Motivation

When members have a simple way to monitor progress, they will be more motivated. Fitness apps encourage users to continue working towards their goals. Most fitness apps can send out notification reminders to spark users’ motivation. The more motivated members are, the more they will want to attend your gym on the regular!

9. A Fitness App Improves Member Engagement and Social Connection

Members want to feel as though their gym owner and staff genuinely cares about them and their fitness journey. Mobile apps provide a direct connection from owner to member. A fitness app is a perfect way to enhance connection with current members. By sharing daily specials, motivational quotes, or class reminders, the better you can stay in touch with members.

With certain fitness apps, members can also communicate with one another. It is greatly beneficial for members to keep in contact to motivate one another and hold each other accountable. Even just posting a “Before and After” image to show progress can encourage other members to get their workout in that day!

10. A Fitness App Provides Personalization Options

Members can easily add their own photo, update their credit card information, and change their address with a fitness app. They can also select their own membership type, class preferences, and personal trainer for each appointment.

Download the Free RhinoFit Fitness App

The Free RhinoFit Fitness App is designed for gym owners, coaches, and gym members! The app is available for any type of Apple device or Android and can be downloaded on IOS or from the Google Play Store. Whether through a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, our fitness app makes working out enjoyable!

With the RhinoFit app, users can easily sign in, reserve classes, book appointments, track belt progressions, create and track workouts, communicate with other members, and so much more! The RhinoFit fitness app has a variety of features to keep motivation high!

1. Digital Waivers

The RhinoFit app offers a seamless sign-in process for gym members! Users can download the free app and sign into their account in seconds!

RhinoFit offers a built-in digital waiver system called RhinoSign to help protect gym businesses! Not only are these waivers paperless, but they can be specifically customized to meet the needs of any fitness business. Owners can require members to fill out the waiver before gaining gym access. Through the app, the waiver will instantly pop up for members to fill out. The sign-in process is both simple and effective!

2. QR and Bar Codes

The RhinoFit app provides users with an automated QR Code that can be used as a way to enter the gym. With two simple clicks, members can pull up their QR code and gain entry access as soon as it’s scanned! Not only is this convenient for members, but also the gym owner and staff. No need to hire a front desk employee to monitor the gym entrance. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

3. Personalized Profile

The RhinoFit app gives members the ability to completely customize their profile. Besides basic information like address, email, or birthday, there is a lot more information that can be helpful to owners. Every profile includes past emails, payments, benchmarks, fitness assessments, memberships, and attendance data. No need to worry about losing any important information! Members can also add a profile picture. This is a great tool for busy owners to put a member’s face to the name!

Image of Gym Member Details on a Free Fitness App
4. Reserve Classes

Whether multiple classes are being offered or an event is being hosted, members can seamlessly make reservations through the app! The fully customizable RhinoFit calendar can be displayed directly on the app. Clients can view upcoming classes and make a reservation while they’re out and about.

Trainers have full control over their classes. They can customize the time and date, attendance limit, or cancel a class if necessary. The convenience of the RhinoFit fitness app allows them to send out class updates, reminders, or cancelations.

Booking and Gym Calendar on a Gym App
5. Book Appointments

Owners and staff can also create and manage appointments! Whether it’s a private one-on-one session, personal training appointment, or tour of the gym, it can be added to the RhinoFit calendar.

Through the app, members can view all the appointments on an organized calendar and book appointments in seconds! They can see the date, time, and what trainer is hosting the event. The simpler it is to sign up, the more inclined your clients will be to attend.

Image representing Booking Appointments on Fitness Apps
6. Workout and Belt Tracking

The RhinoFit app offers all the belt-tracking tools you’ll need! With our dynamic system, you can track your member’s belt colors, rankings, and progressions. Easily schedule belt tests for each student and send automatic emails or text reminders directly from the app. Keep track of every member’s progress with our Top Ranks and Earned reports and view everyone’s belts by simply clicking their profile.

Are you looking for a better way to track your client’s progress? RhinoFit simplifies those coaching tasks for you with built-in fitness assessments, workout tracking, and programming tools. With the RhinoFit fitness app, gym owners and coaches can easily build a workout for any member, whether they are a beginner athlete or season professional. Create the workout of your choosing and let the app do the rest!

Workout Tracking and Progression on a Fitness Apps
7. Insightful Reports

RhinoFit’s app offers insightful reports across three categories: financial, attendance, and member details. With these reports, owners can see each member’s gym and class attendance. Not only that, but the app also includes real-time access reporting. Whether at home or on-the-go, owners can see who has entered the gym via the Kiosk or the Door Access. When owners have access to these helpful insights, they can see where they need to improve gym operations. 

8. Communicate with members

Communication is key in running a successful fitness program. With RhinoFit’s app, you can help bridge that communication gap and stay engaged with your members. It’s an important tool for both attracting new members and increasing member retention. With RhinoFit’s communication features, you can send text messages and automatic emails to members all through your mobile app!

It doesn’t just end there. Members can also communicate with each other! The fitness app offers a digital message board called The Wall. Members can communicate with one another before or after a workout with text or a picture. Friends at the gym can talk about how good their workout class was, their favorite pre-workout, or whatever they choose! This is an effective and fun way to foster community. 

9. Membership and Product Store

Members can purchase new memberships, training packages, and products straight from the RhinoFit app! How convenient is that? Offering a product store not only increases monthly sales revenue, but it is also a perfect opportunity to attract new members. Whether at home or on-the-go, members can make purchases straight from their mobile device.

Image displaying RhinoFit's Product Store on Fitness Apps

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