Improve your Gym’s Check-In Process with RhinoFit’s Sign-In Kiosk

Image displaying RhinoFit's sign-in kiosk that is used for athletes to check-in.

Improve your Gym’s Check-In Process with RhinoFit’s Sign-In Kiosk

Are you looking for a better solution when it comes to the member sign-in process at your gym? Tired of doing roll call or letting in unpaid members to your gym? RhinoFit can help with our integrated sign-in kiosk!  

Why RhinoFit’s Sign-In Kiosk is beneficial

RhinoFit’s Sign-In Kiosk is a valuable tool that will help to improve your day-to-day operations and member experience. With the convenience of a quick scan of a key tag or mobile phone barcode, your members can easily sign-in for their class or workout. This way you and your members can easily record class reservations, track how many spots are available for a class, and measure how frequently your members visit your gym.

Another added feature of the sign-in kiosk is that you can keep your front desk unattended when necessary. Some small gym owners might not have the time or financial resources to hire a front desk staff member. By setting up a tablet or desktop with RhinoFit’s sign-in kiosk, your members can easily sign in at the front desk unattended. This way you can save thousands of dollars in payroll expenses!

Not only does the sign-in kiosk save time, energy, and money, but it is also a powerful reporting tool. You will be provided with a wealth of knowledge regarding attendance, traffic patterns, and class insights. With Rhinofit’s attendance tracking, you will be able to run daily, weekly, or monthly class attendance & access tracking reports. With this data, you can even send out retention emails such as “We miss you” automations to any members that have not attended recently.

Key Benefits of using the Sign-in Kiosk:

  1. Track your member’s attendance & prevent unpaid members from gaining access.

No need to have your coaches do roll call for every class! As soon as someone locates and clicks their name, their attendance is recorded. Our kiosk can even be configured to automatically sign them into their class! This way you can also prevent unpaid members from entering your facility without an up-to-date membership or proper access.

  1. Gather insights & visitation patterns

When understanding the traffic patterns of your gym, you’re able to determine the busiest time of day, your favorite classes, the most popular instructors, and how often each individual member uses the gym. With all this information, you can make better informed decisions on how to schedule your classes and take advantage of your busiest times. 

  1. Accept drop-ins and payments in real-time

If you have drop-ins that are interested in trying out one of your classes, you can easily prompt visitors or unpaid members to pay a drop-in fee for the class. With RhinoFit’s sign-in kiosk you can even integrate our EMV credit card reader and waiver system so that you can seamlessly collect a real-time credit card payment and waiver before the visitor joins. 

Customize your Sign-in Kiosk

With RhinoFit’s sign-in kiosk you can easily add your own welcome message, sign-in colors, and logo! Below are a few features that you can easily customize to your unique set up at your gym.

  • Personalized URL – Create a link that is specific to your gym and use this to launch your sign-in kiosk.
  • Gym Logo – Use your gym logo to personalize your kiosk display! People will see your brand on the screen as soon as they enter the gym.
  • Camera – You have the option to enable the camera on the device. Members will then be able to add a picture to their profile page.
  • Devices – Worried that you don’t have the right device to run your kiosk? Don’t be! The kiosk runs on several different devices such as laptops, desktop computers, or tablets.
  • Personalized Message – You can leave a personalized message when people sign in. Choose a motivational phrase, basic greeting, or anything of your choosing! This is a great way to easily interact with your members.
  • Personalized Colors – Every gym is unique, and we want you to have the ability to customize your gym kiosk however you may choose.
  • Who Can Log In – You can choose what members are allowed to log in. Whether it is past, current, or trial members, you can let whoever sign-in that you want.

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