Extend your Gym’s Hours to 24/7 with RhinoFit’s Door Access System

Image featuring our 24-7 door access system for gyms and trainers.

Extend your Gym’s Hours to 24/7 with RhinoFit’s Door Access System

Extend your gym’s hours to 24/7 with RhinoFit’s Door Access System! 

When it comes to working out, you will find that most of your gym members have their own unique training routine. Some of your members might prefer working out late in the evening, while others might prefer early mornings. Therefore, the last thing that you want to do is hinder new members from signing up because of limited operational hours at your gym.

Luckily, RhinoFit has a solution for you! RhinoFit has built our 24/7 door access system to allow fitness businesses to expand their gym’s hours to 24/7. This way you will never miss a potential sign up. By installing RhinoFit’s 24/7 door access control, your members can work out whenever they desire!

Key Benefits to a 24/7 Door Access System

Our 24/7 gym management system makes accessing your gym more convenient for your members, staff, and you as the owner! The 24/7 Door Access is a combination of hardware, software, and mechanical equipment which gives you the ability to extend your hours and keep track of visitation patterns at your fitness facility.

  • Save Thousands of Dollars in Payroll Expenses!

With RhinoFit’s 24/7 door access control system, there is no need to stress about hiring additional employees to work during odd hours! You can run your entire gym from the convenience of your home and leave your front desk unattended. This could save you $30,000-40,000 in yearly payroll expenses for a front desk clerk!

  • Run your Gym from the Convenience of your Home

When you’re not at the gym, you can quickly look at your RhinoFit app and see how many members are in your gym at a given time. Track the periods of high volume and reach out to members who are coming in less often.

If your staff or gym members forget their access card, you can simply grant them access from anywhere with just the tap of a button on your mobile device. Personally greet your members with the voice greeting feature. You can create a personalized message and set it to play when people scan into your gym. Whether it’s an important announcement or just a friendly welcome, your members will appreciate it!

How does the 24/7 Door Access System Work?

Your members can access your gym with custom key tags, HID access cards, or the barcode on their mobile app. When scanned, they will automatically be let in. You can choose to deny access to members who are behind on their payments, and instead they will get a payment reminder.

Key tags are fitted with barcodes and can be customized with your gym’s branding and logo. If needed, barcodes can be automatically generated and stored inside the RhinoFit mobile app. If anyone ever forgets their key fob or tag, they can just pull out their phone and the mobile app barcode allows them to scan right into the facility!

Once a member scans in, a member lookup is triggered in the software. It will look for a valid membership and up-to-date payments. When verified, the software sends a signal to open the door. We want to make gym access as convenient and safe as possible for you and your members!

Lastly, with RhinoFit’s door access system you can fully control the operational hours! This way you can set up your own custom hours or run your gym 24/7. It’s completely up to you!

The Basic System Components

  • Door Access Control – A pre-assembled unit which is ready to install. With its 12V 1A power supply, it can easily work with other door strikes.
  • Visual Scanner – A USB device that plugs directly into a port on the Door Access Control, which is responsible for reading the key tag or barcode.
  • Door Strike – This keeps the door locked until a member scans their tag to get in. When connected to the Door Access Unit, it stays locked until it receives a signal from the DAC.


Prevent Tailgating with RhinoFit’s new Camio Integration

A major problem at almost every fitness facility is tailgating. Tailgating happens during non-staffed hours, when a member scans-in to the gym and then allows others to come in at the same time while the door is open. 

This is a crucial issue because these people are often not even members of the gym, and they are being let in for free. This results in losing revenue and incorrect tracking of gym attendance.

With RhinoFit’s Tailgating Feature, this problem won’t happen! We are working with Camio to end unauthorized access and earn back lost revenue. Using AI and Machine Learning, Camio turns 2D videos into 3D sensors which can understand the depth and segmentation of your space. Therefore, it tracks each person as they move around the gym entrance.

Since Camio can count how many individuals enter the gym and compare that number to RhinoFit’s Door Access data, a trigger alert and video will be sent to the owner if it senses tailgating. The owner can then decide where to go from there.

24/7 door access system for tracking your member's attendance.

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