Gym Software Features – Top 5 Features

Gym Software Features – Top 5 Features

Gym Software Features Are Essential

It’s essential for gym owners to use an effective management system. Excellent software will simplify the day-to-day tasks associated with owning a business. Running a gym takes hard work, time, and dedication. Effectively managing your staff’s hours, payroll, class scheduling, attendance tracking, and member billing is no easy thing. Gym software features that simplify your member management and member communication reduce daily administrative work and makes perfect sense. Start your Rhino free trial today.

Class Scheduling

One of the most time consuming areas of owning a gym, class scheduling can take hours to complete each week. Making sure classes don’t overlap, or aren’t too full could literally take hours to complete. Our scheduling software takes the hassle out of setting up your classes. Set up recurring classes, log members in, track attendance, and email students of cancellations. Nothing could be easier.

Attendance Tracking

Tracking member attendance is nearly impossible without gym software. Keeping track of attendance on paper leads to confusion and ineffective management. Knowing which members use your gym the most is important. Tracking attendance provides you with important data. You’ll know the most active times and which classes your members like the most. You can forecast slow periods and implement solutions to bring in more members. Knowledge is power. 

Additional Gym Software Features

We offer even more gym software features that make running a busy gym easier.

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Gym Member Billing

How long does it take to bill 100 members every month? Even after sending the bills, now you need to track the payments and make sure each member made their payment. If this seems like a lot of work, we have the answer. RhinoFit has a built in billing section that automatically creates the bills and marks them as paid in the software. Failed bills are marked accordingly and may be re-tried or canceled. 

Member Management

Most gyms have at least 50 to 100 members at a time. Keeping track of their personal information like emergency contact numbers, and signed waivers could take hours. In case of an emergency, you don’t want to shuffle through a file cabinet looking for an emergency contact number. RhinoFit has a member management system which tracks payments, memberships, sign up dates, and contact information. Our software maintains their payment profile and attendance. Producing signed waivers and other relevant data has never been easier.

Email Communication

Communicating with gym members has always been difficult. When an instructor falls ill and cannot teach a class, how do you let the students know their class has been cancelled? Email communication is one of our most popular gym software features. You can select recipients based on classes, groups, memberships, and even email your staff. We even offer pre-built templates to wish members a happy birthday, or remind them of payments or upcoming events.

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