How to set up Automatic Billing at your Gym

automate billing in your gym with gym billing software.

How to set up Automatic Billing at your Gym

No More Chasing Down Members For Bills

Are you tired of chasing down your members for overdue membership fees?  Tired of driving to the bank to cash personal checks? Collecting your payments each month can be a burdensome task for some gym owners. For this reason RhinoFit has added automatic billing as part of it’s member management software. Now, your member’s monthly payments can be withdrawn form their bank account automatically.

Set Up A Payment Processor

To start, you will need to set up an account with a payment processor. You’ll also need to get permission from your member to deduct the payment from their financial institution each month. Keep in mind that setting up automatic payments via ACH (checking or savings draft) is by far the most cost-effective payment method and will help to lower your processing costs in the long run. (See how to cut your processing fees by 75%)

Member Management Software With Automatic Billing

This payment collection process can be further simplified by using some type of gym software or client portal. Since most gym management software providers have built-in billing features, you can easily set up and collect one-time registration fees or recurring payments for any membership fees through your software.

In addition to setting up monthly payments, if you and your member have a unique payment arrangement you can also chose to set up weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly payments for your billing. Simply start or stop your member’s billing with a click of a button and set up automated payment reminders for any upcoming bills or failed payments. This way you can further simplify your payment collection process and increase your success rates.

Also, remember to keep your authorization forms from your members on file for up to 2 years after the final draft of your client’s fees. This will help you to deal with any future chargebacks or customer disputes that you may encounter along the way.

Benefits of Setting up Automatic Billing

  • Save time and money by not having to chase down members for payments.
  • Collect payments seamlessly each month with minimal legwork.
  • Avoid dealing with cashing checks and going to the bank.
  • Receive automatic notifications of failed payments or returns.
  • Increase your monthly collection rates and revenue.

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