Unlock New Revenue with RhinoFit’s Access Tracking feature

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Unlock New Revenue with RhinoFit’s Access Tracking feature

If you’re like most fitness centers, you have hundreds of members coming through your doors each week to attend group fitness classes, appointments, or to get in a workout. With all the foot traffic, it can be difficult to track all your guests, members, and trainers! Luckily, RhinoFit offers an all-in-one access tracking tool to help track all your members’ attendance and visitation patterns!

Stay Updated with RhinoFit’s Access Tracking feature!

Is it tough to keep track of all your gym members’ accounts? Do you need a convenient way to check for overdue bills or account status every time someone enters your gym? Gym owners have countless things to keep track of and they can’t always be physically present at their facility! Access tracking must be a consideration. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution! With RhinoFit’s Access Tracking feature, see every member logging in via our Fitness App, Sign-In Kiosk or through our 24/7 Door Access system.

Know who is using the gym, what time they arrive, and their current membership status. See if there is an account hold, valid membership, bill status, and any important notes.  With the access tracking feature, view all member information in one place!

RhinoFit’s Access Tracking also keeps your gym safe! It is often difficult to keep track of every single person going in and out of your facility. If a member or employee is not allowed in your gym anymore, easily mark them as “Do Not Enter” on their profile. There is also no need to worry about non-members sneaking into your gym. Without a membership or account, there’s no way for them to access your facility. RhinoFit’s Access Tracking provides all the tools to keep your gym secure! 

No matter where you are, stay updated on all of your membership and gym facility information with RhinoFit’s Access Tracking feature. 

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There are 3 Access Tracking Tools:

24-hour Door Access Control

Members can access your gym through our door access system. The system is built to make it as easy as possible for your members, giving them access through a mobile barcode or custom key card they can use at your front door. Once scanned, members instantly have access to your gym!

Our 24/7 system makes gym access convenient for you, your staff, and members! Through a combination of hardware, software, and mechanical equipment, extend your hours and keep track of visitation patterns at your fitness facility.

Fitness App

Access tracking is the perfect edition to the mobile fitness app! Track gym access with RhinoFit’s free fitness app designed for gym owners, coaches, and gym members! The app is available for any type of Apple device or Android and can be downloaded on IOS or from the Google Play Store.

The app provides members with an automated QR code for gym access. With two simple clicks, members can pull up their QR code and gain entry access as soon as it’s scanned!  Not only is this convenient for members, but also for you and your staff. No need to hire a front desk employee to monitor the gym entrance. It’s a win-win for everyone! Monitor your fitness facility from anywhere at anytime.

Kiosk

RhinoFit’s fully customizable Sign-In Kiosk is a valuable tool that will help improve your day-to-day operations and member experience. With a quick scan of a key tag or mobile app barcode, your members can easily sign-in for their class or workout. Simply measure when and how frequently your members visit your gym.

Access Tracking Features

  • No Issues – OK: This feature tracks overall account data. If the user has no holds on their account, this will be highlighted in green, and the member is good to go!
  • Kiosk Can’t Attend: If there is any reason that a member is not allowed to attend a class or enter the gym, it will be shown in blue. This means that the user is listed as “Do Not Enter” or the current membership they have does not let them attend the selected class.
  • No Membership: If a user does not have a current or valid membership, it will be indicated by the color yellow. This is an important tab to keep track of because without a valid membership, they should not be let into your gym!
  • Past Due Bills: Red means that the user has overdue bills that have not been paid. Similarly to “No Membership,” this is definitely a color to monitor.
  • Auto Log: To save you time, this feature will enable the user to log in automatically. If you prefer to log them in manually, you also have that capability.
  • Popup: Members may forget to check the “Access Tracking” feature, and this could lead to issues… especially if there is overdue bills! Thankfully, this setting allows a user’s profile to pop-up on the page right when they log in. They can then see if they need to update anything!
Level up your Gym with the Access Tracking feature!

Access tracking data also provides valuable insights and statistics to improve your gym operations. Tracking member attendance improves your gym security, aid in planning, and member experience. See who hasn’t been active in a while and reach out to them through our communication tools with an encouraging reminder! RhinoFit’s Access Tracking will take your gym to the next level!

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