Surveyed Fitness People Said It’s All About The Member Experience

In the highly competitive fitness industry, member experience is the key to staying ahead!  A great experience leads to more referrals, better retention, and an increase in revenue. Not only that, a good member experience leads to lots of happy faces at the gym. Happy members keep coming back, month after month.

Every gym owner strives to keep their gyms full of paying members. Without members, there is no revenue to keep the doors open. Studies show that it costs far more to get a member than it does to keep them. With marketing costs as high as they are it makes good sense to learn how to keep your members happy.

How Do I Keep My Members Happy?

First you’ll need to learn all the elements that contribute to a great day at the gym. You’ll then need to learn why each component is necessary. After gaining more insight into a proper customer experience, you’ll then need to convey this information to your staff. They’ll need to learn the tools that deliver a great customer experience.

Learn from Chris Stevenson on how to understand members’ needs and how to train staff to not only meet, but exceed those needs. This video is full of tangible tips and tools that can be implemented immediately to create happy members at the gym. Watch the short video below to get the ball rolling.

It's All About The Experience

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