Software Demo For Affiliate Gyms

Affiliate Gyms Could Look Like This Using RhinoFit iFrames

Affiliate gyms can now take advantage of several powerful, new features inside of our fitness software. We offer 4 tools designed to help gyms market new sign-ups, sell memberships, products, and schedule classes online. Keep reading to see how our iFrames help to grow affiliate gyms. 

Generate a web form inside the RhinoFit software and then display it on your company site with an iFrame. Capture leads directly from your own website and watch them appear in the RhinoFit software. Then market to them via SMS or e-mail and convert them to gym members. If you would like to learn more, contact us here.

Collect Leads From Your Affiliate Gyms Website

Add the Prospect Widget to any page of your website and start collecting leads immediately. Anytime someone completes the form, a new prospect is added directly to your  RhinoFit software. 

Then contact them directly and offer them a tour of your facility or sell them a membership.

Sell Products At Your Affiliate Gyms

Selling products has never been easier. Even if your current company website doesn’t have a shopping cart. RhinoFit allows you to create a product store, and then display it on your company website using iFrames. All sales are recorded inside RhinoFit and payments are made using the RhinoFit payment gateway.

Buy A Membership At Our Affiliate Gyms today!

Each of the memberships below were created inside the RhinoFit gym management software. Create them and then add them to your company website using an iFrame. Once displayed to your visitors, they may purchase the membership online using your site. The membership shows up in RhinoFit and is paid for using the RhinoFit gateway.

Sign Into Your Class Or Book An Appointment Today!

Adding the RhinoFit Class Calendar to your website allows your students to sign up for a class, or appointment directly from your website. Any signups from your website will also be visible in the RhinoFit software.

Take Your Website To The Next Level With RhinoFit iFrames