Manage Your Rock Climbing Gym with RhinoFit

climbing gym software makes running a gym easy. Our rock climbing gym software runs on any device

Our rock climbing gym software is easy-to-use and undeniably full of robust features. Our mobile app is available on all of your internet based devices, RhinoFit indeed offers your business the management resource tools to make your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Regardless of your business model, we’ve crafted our fitness software to fit a wide range of needs. RhinoFit rock climbing gym management software easily accommodates your members and staff. We make it simple to bring potential members into your gym with punch and daily passes. As an ongoing commitment to our users, we utilize feedback to introduce and adjust features therefore creating the best rock climbing gym software available.

Climbing Gym Software Features

Automatic Payment Processing

RhinoFit allows you to create  custom gym memberships. These are especially useful for bringing potential clients to your gym. Punch passes, and daily passes give people the option to try out.  Once members, you can bill them automatically with our automated processing system.

Product Management

Sell rock climbing accessories to your members using our product store feature. Simply set up the store in your RhinoFit software and then install a snippet of code in your website to bring it all to life. Your members can now purchase accessories to make climbing rocks safe.

Powerful Automations

Use our built in automations to keep your rock gym running smoothly. Set up automatic email and text reminders to send to your members. Remind them of class reservations, membership expiration, and upcoming events at the click of a mouse.

Rock Climbing Gym Software Features

Class Calendar

We make it easy to display your class schedule for your members. Simply create the schedule in the RhinoFit software. Install a snippet of code to bring the calendar to your company site where users can register for classes.  

Digital Waivers

Protect against lawsuits with our digital waiver system. Create the waivers in the RhinoFit software and send them to your members digitally. Waivers can be signed on any mobile device or computer. The waiver is then signed and saved to your member's profile

Member Management

Managing your members shouldn't be difficult. Creating a customer profile in RhinoFit allows you to keep your member data organized. Keep track of benchmarks, waivers, and contact information. Use email campaigns to keep your members active and engaged at your gym.

RhinoFit Gym Management Software Price chart - includes karate software and taekwondo software running on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices.

RhinoFit Feature Spotlight: Digital Waivers

rock climbing gym software displayed on a tablet for client to sign waiver

RhinoSign is our digital waiver system that captures your customer’s signature and stored into your account. Waiver signatures can be captured online or at your gym and can be assigned to a customer in your database. It’s all part of our climbing gym software.

Let Our Climbing Gym Software Help Run Your Gym

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