RhinoFit Featured Gym Spotlight: CrossFit Guelph


In our RhinoFit gym spotlight this week, we’re featuring CrossFit Guelph! Located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, CrossFit Guelph has been around since 2006 and currently offers CrossFit, personal training, nutrition planning, and much more! They were one of the first gyms to implement RhinoFit into their box way back in 2012. Here’s what owner Michael Fall has to say about his experience with RhinoFit: “I am proud to say that CrossFit Guelph was one of the first CrossFit boxes to run with the Rhino in 2012. RhinoFit is simple, yet elegant and does absolutely everything we need it to. With customer service that is second to none and a continuously evolving platform it is easy to wholeheartedly endorse RhinoFit.”

CrossFit Guelph utilizes many of the RhinoFit features to successfully run their gym. Current and prospective members can easily view the gym schedule on their website which can be edited on the RhinoFit side. WOD’s(workout of the day) can also be created and scheduled within the RhinoFit app for users to see every day before they enter the gym. In addition to this, CrossFit Guelph is also able to sell memberships on their website with the product store integration feature of RhinoFit. All purchases are then reported in the RhinoFit reports for gym owners. Overall, CrossFit Guelph has been able to use RhinoFit to manage their box operations. For more information on how RhinoFit could help your gym, feel free to schedule a demo to see RhinoFit in action!