Progression and Ranking

Progression and Ranking

RhinoRank Feature

A ranking system will benefit your business by driving retention and loyalty.

The RhinoRank feature is customizable, allowing you to create and manage ranks, certifications, or martial arts belts.  RhinoRank accommodates the most complex of ranking systems, allowing subcategories in each rank such as belt stripes.  Furthermore, you can distinguish time and requirements needed for progression.

RhinoFit offers reports that view upcoming testing, ranks earned, as well as the top-ranking individuals in your gym or dojo.  Your progression system can be easily displayed for public view, allowing both members and prospects the opportunity to view your ranking system.

How to set up your ranking or martial arts progressions

Once you are signed into your RhinoFit account, please click on “Setup” then Progression and Rank.
Rhinofit rankingFrom this page, you are able to set up a public background image used in your display of ranks, are provided with a link to publicly display your progressions or belt system, select a customizable template based on your martial arts style, as well as create a new system from scratch.   Click on + Add Progression to customize a new ranking system.

Creating a new ranking system You have full customization options when adding a new progression, martial arts belt, or certificate.  After you add the system’s title, description, and category,  move onto your ranks/belt, sub category (major/minor),  and details on how to advance onto the next level.

RhinoRank is a powerful feature that is customizable to match the needs of your specific progression or belt ranking system.  Contact RhinoFit member management software for a full demonstration of how to navigate through RhinoRank, assign ranks, and view reports.  Schedule a demo or call 866-858-0304

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