EMV terminals


Accept any type of payment at your gym!

Don’t ever miss a payment again!  With Rhinofit’s new point-of-sale integration,  your members will be able to quickly make real-time purchases for class drop-ins, sports nutrition products, or other fitness apparel. 

This powerful new payment integration is compatible with the Ingenico FrontDesk3500 and provides gym members the ability to pay using contactless, e-signature, magnetic stripe, or with chip & pin payment technology. This new feature will be available in the sign-in kiosk, class calendar, and POS store. Easily pair our Ingenico Desk3500 with RhinoFit in just a few seconds!

Easy to Pair

Connect your EMV terminal with RhinoFit in only a few seconds.

Secure Payments

Comply with the highest security requirements with our encrypted terminals.

Powerful Payment Technology

Accept any type of payment method including magstripe, chip & pin, or contactless.

Real-time Reporting

Track your daily batches and settlement reports in RhinoFit.

Flexible Add-ons

Easily add a cash register, bar code scanner, or printer with your terminal.

Receipt Sending

Email or print out receipts during the checkout process.

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POS Terminals

499.99 $ 299 99
one-time fee
Secure Payments
Accept Apple Pay or Google Pay
Easy to Pair with RhinoFit
Real-time Payments & Reporting
Email or Print out receipts
*Limited Time Offer

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