Create a Product Store with RhinoFit!

Create a Product Store with RhinoFit!

Create A Product Store In Minutes

One way to create an additional revenue source for your gym is to set up a product store with RhinoFit!  Setting up a product store could potentially add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your gym’s monthly revenue!Product Store

Start Selling Products From Your Store Today

With RhinoFit, we give you all the tools needed to set up your product store in only a few minutes! Easily add product images, create categories and variations as well as adding any applicable sales taxes. With RhinoFit, you can even customize your storefront and theme to match your brand’s color scheme. Simply add one line of code to your website and start selling products today!

What Items Should You Sell At Your Store?

With RhinoFit, this is no limit to the number of products you can set up and sell. You can add custom t-shirts, hats, or other gym attire. If you’re looking to add to your product list, you should consider setting up partnerships with local fitness vendors to sell gym merchandise, sports nutrition products, or equipment.

Add A Pro Shop At Your Gym

Creating a pro-shop at your gym is another great way to get your products in front of your members. Depending on your gym’s layout, you may consider purchasing retail shelfing, commercial refrigerators, or vending machines to create a small retail environment. By making your products easily available and in direct viewpoint, you will be able increase impulse purchases at your gym.

Other Essentials for your Product Store

If you have a front desk area, you may also want to consider adding a simple cash register along with a UPC Barcode scanner. By using RhinoFit’s product store, you can pre-load products into our database and simply scan the UPC code for a simple and efficient check-out process for your members. Easily add the bill to your client’s profile or check-out any guests while sending out instant receipts to their email.

Additionally, you may also want to consider adding Point of Sale equipment such as a mobile card reader or credit card machine to help speed up your check-out process.

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