Gym Website Templates

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Gym Website Templates

RhinoFit™ is proud to announce that we have launched our new gym website templates for our users! The dynamic websites are designed to boost online membership and product sales for gym owners. Convert one-time website visitors into long-term members with our built-in membership area, product store, member-login, and gym calendar!

 With the new gym website templates, our users will benefit from the ability to capture new website leads directly from their gym’s website to their software! Track any new member sign ups, product purchases, class reservations, and booked appointments from your RhinoFit dashboard.

The RhinoFit gym website templates are SEO-friendly and can be fully optimized to work on any device including a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. The new websites can be customized to match your company’s branding including theme colors, tagline, and logo.  Our dynamic front-page options will include a slider header that can be optimized to fit a high-definition video or image. Highlight any current promotions, services, and training packages with our customizable front-page sections.

Gym Website Templates

Make your brand stand out by adding your company’s theme colors, tagline, and logo.

Dynamic Slider Header

Sparkle up your website with a dynamic slider or video that captures your website visitor’s attention.

Enhanced Compatibility

Create an ultra-fast website that is responsive on any type of mobile or desktop device.

SEO Friendly Pages

Enhance your organic rankings with our SEO-friendly blog and website.

Integrated Product Store

Build a custom product store to sell supplements or merchandise.

Free Website Hosting

Host your domain for free with no data or storage limits.

Coming Soon! Add a RhinoFit Reseller Account With Your Gym Website Templates!

Increase revenue at your gym by adding a RhinoFit reseller account!  Easily set up an online product store to sell our new RhinoFit Sports Nutrition products. Add hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional monthly revenue for your gym! The new RhinoFit Sports Nutrition line will include a pre-workout formula, BCAAs, creatine,  whey protein, and more! 


User purchasing supplements and gym website templates from rhinofit.

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