Gym Management Software for iPad

Gym Management Software for iPad

Gym Management Software for iPad

RhinoFit is a membership management software designed for gyms, boot camps, personal trainers, martial arts dojos, boxing clubs, and beyond.  Our system is available across all internet based devices such as your iPhone or iPad.

RhinoFit includes customer relationship management with SMS & email communication, membership & product sales, appointment & class bookings, flexible sign-in / check-in kiosk features that can be utilized on your iPad, as well as a multitude of useful features.

Your athletes or students may process payments, sign digital waivers, and schedule time at your business directly through our iPad app.  Being signed in will grant them access to WODs (work out of the day), announcements, assessments, and communication with other members.  Through the same iPad app sign in with your credentials to access your gym’s back office features.

An excellent feature available on a computer or tablet is the sign-in kiosk.  Set up your iPad with your sign-in kiosk link and password that you may access inside of the RhinoFit software, and have your members check in by name or barcode for a seamless and easy check-in experience. To access this, please sign-in to your Rhinofit account at, then click on Set Up, click on Integration, and lastly click on Sign In Kiosk to customize your check-in experience.   You may also use your iPad to check in your members manually with the access tracking feature.   Individuals who do not have an up-to-date membership may process a payment for the class or session directly through your iPad sign-in kiosk.

RhinoFit gym management software supports multiple devices and staff members to allow your business to run with efficiency and flexibility. With your staff being able to utilize the software from their individual iPads, with each class or desk can access the powerful features to sell memberships, products, schedule, and more.   Download our iPad app available on the iTunes app store

Download RhinoFit’s Gym Management Guide

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