RhinoFit Featured Gym Spotlight: Grind House Boxing

rhinofit spotlight grind house boxing

RhinoFit Featured Gym Spotlight: Grind House Boxing

In our RhinoFit gym spotlight of the month, let’s welcome Grind House Boxing! Grind House Boxing is owned by Charlotte Price and their gym is located in Murfressboro, Tennessee. They have been in business for 15 months and currently offer group boxing classes, strength training, and an open gym for members.

  1. Name of Business? Grind House Boxing
  1. Where is your business located? Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  1. How long have you been in business? November, 2019 (15 months)
  1. What types of service or classes do you currently offer your community? Group boxing, strength training classes, personal training boxing classes,  and an open gym for members
  1. How long have you used RhinoFit software? Since opening November 2019
  1. What were the main reasons you chose this software? User friendly, excellent support staff and user-friendly app on phones
  1. How has RhinoFit helped to support and grow your business? Readily available to answer all questions, walked me through my beginning stages of opening and members find it easy to schedule classes
  1. With COVID-19, what changed have you made to your business to keep your members safe? Monitoring at entry proper protocol with sanitizer, mask procedure enforced and it’s mandatory each member wipe down all equipment used or touched with our readily available sanitizing wipes stations located in several places. Our gym is cleaned quiet often throughout the day. A thorough deep cleaning procedure is done nightly.
  1. Where can people go to sign up for your classes or services? Members can go through my website which is connected to RhinoFit or download the RhinoFit app straight to your phone or computer which makes it very convenient to schedule and cancel classes easily.

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