Email Marketing to Grow your Business

Email marketing brings in results

Email Marketing to Grow your Business

Email Marketing Is Here To Stay

Email marketing reaches billions of people daily. With about 1.5 billion people checking their Gmail each day, you can understand why email marketing leads the list of marketing tools. With the right email marketing platform, you can stay connected and engaged with your current members. In addition one can build a successful lead generation program.

Creating Your Email Message

The first step to creating a marketing email is knowing what you want to say. Take a few minutes and jot down the key points of the message. Make a bullet point list and then flesh out each of them until you have a few paragraphs.

To send targeted email, you must first have the right audience. To build a subscriber list, you will first need to create valuable content for your readers with a powerful call to action. This call-to-action could be to download a free guide on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, a 14-day free pass, or to subscribe to receive free workout tips.

To collect new leads for your business, you will want to use simple website forms on your website, company blog, or social media campaign.

Email Segmentation

The first step to launch your email campaign is to properly segment your audience. Segmentation will allow you to create a targeted audience that will yield the best results for your campaigns.

First segment your audience by how they joined your list. Sort by past purchases, common interests, or by current or past members.  Next, further segment your audience based upon past campaign results.  Simply measure their engagement level with your past emails. Measure their level of engagement by checking the stats for emails opened, website clicks, or by website forms filled out.

5 Types of Email Campaigns to Consider

1. New Content Announcement

This email is used to announce your next sale, e-book, webinar, coupon, or free trial with a call-to-action that links to a targeted landing page. You want the copy to be brief but descriptive enough to convey the offer’s value.

2. Digital Newsletter

If you have a fitness blog on your website, this email is great for sending out updates on a weekly or monthly basis.  With these type of roundup emails, it’s a good idea to use an image paired with a headline, a brief summary of introduction, and a CTA for your subscribers to read more.

3. Customer Survey or Feedback

This email is sent with a CTA for you member fill out a customer survey or to give a review of their experience for a recent product purchase or service. This email is a great way to gather feedback on how you can improve your service or in the future.

4. Lead Nurturing Email

Depending on the specific action a person takes, you may also want to add lead nurturing email to help with converting your lead into a customer.  Lead Nurturing emails consist of a tightly connected series of email containing useful, targeted content that pushes you reader toward taking the next step in your sales process; whether that is to download content, sign up for your services, or to make a purchase.

5. Confirmation Email/ Welcome Email

A confirmation email is sent to a member or customer when they have subscribed to a group or have made a purchase. Keep these emails simple, with just a summary of the information your recipients would want you to confirm.  A welcome email to people who have signed up for a newsletter, product trial, or another offer.

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