Elevate your Gym with RhinoFit’s Affiliate and White Label Program

RhinoFit Affiliate Program

Elevate your Gym with RhinoFit’s Affiliate and White Label Program

Gym members love new product offers, and gym owners love increasing sales! With RhinoFit’s Affiliate Program, you can take your gym to the next level! Our program is perfect for any gym owner, trainer, or fitness influencer trying to increase revenue.

Add Gym Revenue with RhinoFit’s Affiliate Program – Sports Nutrition Line

RhinoFit offers a supplement line for gym owners and members to purchase and enjoy! This premium sports nutrition line includes pre-workout formulas, amino energy mix, BCAAs, and other recovery formulas.

Worried about the quality of the products? Don’t be! All the sports nutrition products are made in an FDA registered facility in the United States, have been lab tested, and assessed for purity. They are proven to help improve performance, strength, and recovery… exactly what your gym members need to help their fitness journey!

As a gym owner, you can enroll in our free affiliate program and earn 66% of the net proceeds without having to spend thousands on up front inventory costs. There is truly nothing to lose… only gain!

Members can conveniently purchase and receive their products using RhinoFit’s EMV card reader. This allows for quick real-time purchases. If members want to purchase their supplements online, they can do so through a personalized affiliate link.

No need to worry about the hassle that comes with shipping! With built-in drop shipping, members can easily checkout and receive the shipment at their front doorstep!

RhinoFit Affiliate Program featuring Bussons Barbells White Labeled Supplements

Show off your Gym with RhinoFit’s White Label Program

White Labeling Programs are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to show off their brand! With RhinoFit’s private label program, you can customize products to perfectly fit your gym brand and sell them to your members! Your members will love repping your gear and feeling like they’re “part of the club.”

You can choose from over 100 premium supplements: sports nutrition products, vitamins, gummies, and so much more! You also have the opportunity to add your brand name and logo to all kinds of merch: t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts… you name it!

Unlike other supplement vendors that require you to purchase hundreds of products up front, there is no minimum purchase required. Simply pay a small 15% admin fee per order and you are good to go! We also offer a free design label for your first 5 products.

You can choose whether to sell your products in-house, online, or both. This is a fantastic opportunity to draw attention to your gym, and members love to see new things being offered!

Don’t miss out on supporting and uniting your members while also marketing your brand with RhinoFit’s Affiliate and White Labeling Program!

Collect Sales from your Gym’s Website with our Affiliate Program

Our goal is to supply you with as many tools as possible to improve your gym! Your website is crucial to your business. Most members or potential clients will find your gym through your website. For the best results, you should include all of your features and tools directly in your site.

So how can your product store be displayed on your website if it is created through the RhinoFit software?                                          

Simply create and customize a product store inside RhinoFit and then present it on your company website with an iFrame code. Capture sales directly from your site and watch them appear in RhinoFit. All payments are made using the RhinoFit payment gateway and each sale is immediately recorded. You can now sell sports nutrition products or custom fitness gear to anyone! We have made it as easy as possible for you and your members!

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