Digital Waivers for Gyms – Go Paperless!

Digital waivers being signed using a laptop

Digital Waivers for Gyms – Go Paperless!

Lose The Filing Cabinet With Digital Waivers

Digital waivers are here! Many gym owners still have stacks of old client waivers and contracts stashed away in their file cabinet. While it used to be wise to save a paper copy, with today’s technology it’s safe to go paperless. With this in mind, RhinoFit’s gym management software is proud to introduce…RhinoSign. 

Unless you have a solid file clerk on staff, finding paperwork can be difficult. Contracts get lost, waivers go missing and when you really need something you can never find it. One way to eliminate the unnecessary paperwork and streamline your sign-up process is to go digital. 

Converting your existing paperwork guarantees you’ll always be able to find what you need. With digital waivers, members can easily sign them at your gym or at home using any device with an internet connection.

RhinoSign digital waivers provide your members with a simple onboarding process. They can now avoid the hassle of filling out stacks of paperwork and sign the document electronically. Plus, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of going paperless and being able to quickly view, save, and export any signed waivers or contracts from your digital library.

Benefits Of Using Digital Waivers

  1. Easily manage and store your waivers digitally.  Collect the waivers and member data seamlessly from your website, kiosk, or mobile app.
  1. Go paperless and remove the paper clutter from your office. Convert your existing paperwork into a digital format so you don’t have to dig through old files and folders.
  1. Simplify the online sign-up process for your members.  Your members can save time by easily signing up using a mobile device.

Someone electronically signing a RhinoFit digital waiver
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