10 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

10 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Is Critical

Customer engagement builds a strong bond between the customer and the business. Developing solid engagement strategies will allow your business keep members longer and build strong word of mouth advertising. Listening to your customers starts the ball rolling. Hearing their concerns makes them feel relevant. Overall, improving customer interactions requires the gym owner to collect user feedback and then act upon it.

Gathering user input through surveys, webinars, email campaigns, and social media helps you see it from their perspective. Once you have an idea of what your customers want, it’s up to you to then figure out a way to provide it. We know it is not easy to please everyone, but we can try to please most!

Below are ten ways to help you stay engaged with your members:

1. Refer A Friend Program

Rewarding your members for referring a friend helps grow your customer base. Not only do you retain a current member,  you also add another member to the gym. It always more expensive to gain a new member than it is to keep a current one.

2. Member Appreciation Day

Hold a member appreciation day for all your current members. Offer gifts like water bottles or t-shirts to those in attendance. These gifts go a long way towards keeping your customers engaged.

3. Provide Nutritional Advice & Recommendations

Offer nutritional advice and healthy diet recommendations on your website or at your gym. Share success stories of others who have benefitted from these healthy diets. If you go that extra mile to get them to their next level, and they will never forget you!

4.Workout Videos and Pictures

Sharing workout videos and pictures is a great way to show off your gym and your members. Get your members to share their pictures on social media to get additional exposure for your gym.

5. Create a Member Group on Facebook or Linked-in

Utilize a social media group to share workout pictures, videos, and motivational quotes with your members. This will encourage your members to interact with each other while also giving your members an additional way to connect with you.

6. Daily Motivational Quotes

Inspire your members to take action! Motivational quotes are a great way to keep your members motivated and focused on reaching their goals.

7. Send Birthdays/ Workout Milestones/We Miss you Emails

Member communication cannot be ignored. Stay engaged with your members by sending out happy birthday messages or we miss you emails to your members.  Acknowledging your member’s personal records and workout milestones will keep your members motivated and wanting more!

8. Host An Event, Webinar, Or Seminar

Host a fitness event at your facility! Open up your gym to the public to create a fun, competitive environment for your members to enjoy.

9. Client Success Stories

Show off your members by sharing client success stories. Share a motivating story about a client achieving a new workout milestone or fitness goal.

10. Send out Member Surveys

Get a better understanding of your member’s satisfaction by getting feedback on your product or services.  This will show that you care about their opinions and will help you to make any necessary improvements in the future.

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