RhinoFit Releases Voice Greeting Feature

RhinoFit Releases Voice Greeting Feature

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RhinoFit is pleased to release a new voice greeting feature for our 24/7 Gym Access Control System, enabling our automated and secure product to welcome fitness club members with personalized messages once they scan into the system.

Adding the RhinoFit 24-Hour Access Control System can increase a gym facility’s revenue while enhancing member relations without adding a significant overhead element or additional staff, and we are now taking that to a new level for clients with an innovative voice greeting feature. The 24/7 door access system is an automated and secure solution that integrates door access hardware and a powerful access tracking feature. The voice greeting feature is the perfect accessory, allowing gyms to create personalized messages for members such as “Welcome to XYZ Gym”, and so forth.

We see this as the next step of customization for our offerings in a world that is increasingly demanding personalized approaches.

Barcodes are another major element regarding the Door Access Control system’s operation, as they can be easily implemented into the check-in process via the current RhinoFit 24/7 gym access software. Key tags are a cost-effective way to grant access for check-in or through the 24-hour access kiosk as it relates to gym facilities.
Barcodes can also be generated for a gym’s client roster and staff automatically within the RhinoFit mobile app.

We look forward to integrating the new voice greeting feature into our benefit-rich software, so gyms can take the member experience to a new level.

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