Spend More Time Training With Our Personal Trainer Software

Personal trainer software doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. RhinoFit offers a feature richmember management software with just the tools you need to manage your students effectively. We offer this fitness software with tiered pricing, which makes it affordable for everyone. Take a look at what our personal trainer software has to offer.

Digital Waivers

First You send digital waivers to your clients and next have them signed electronically. Access the waivers from anywhere with your mobile device and an internet connection. No need to worry about filing or storing paper records. All waivers attach to the client record for easy access.

Automatic Billing

Bill automatically each month. Clients first leave a credit card on file or submit their checking account information for ACH withdrawals. Then you set the billing frequency and never worry about collecting manual payments from your clients again.

Personal Assessments

Determine your clients current level of fitness before they start training. Assign a series of exercises for clients to complete on their own. After completing each exercise the client enters their reps/time for you to then assess their current level of fitness.

Class Calendar

Use the class calendar to keep track of appointments with your clients. Simply set up the various locations where you train, and create an appointment for the client. It's easy to keep track of what gym you need to be at for your next session.

Benchmark Tracking

After your client's fitness level grows, keep track of their progress with benchmark testing. These records are stored electronically as part of the client's profile. Furthermore, you may refer to these benchmarks from time to time to demonstrate how far they have progressed.

Email & SMS Communication

Communicate with your clients using text or email messages. Inform them of cancellations, time changes, or just send a simple email on their birthday. Keeping in touch with your clients helps to build a stronger relationship and leads to more referrals.

Personal Trainer Software Pricing

Whether you’re just starting out or already in business, RhinoFit has a price that fits your budget. For those just starting out, our software is free*. Those trainers with more than 20 active students pay $57/mo. 

Our tiered pricing allows personal trainers with a limited number of students to experience all that RhinoFit has to offer without breaking the bank. For those trainers with a thriving business, the $57/mo. fee provides you with a robust software and low monthly cost.

Read The Small Print

*Notice Regarding Start-Up Pricing. United States and Canadian clients may qualify for Start-Up pricing when the following conditions are met: in any given month (i) there are 20 or less active users and (ii) $2,500.00 or less (USD or CAD respectively) in payments are logged or processed. All other clients must have 20 or less active users in any given month to qualify. This pricing is only available under the standard EULA; if another contract between Rhino Software and the client stipulates monthly pricing for RhinoFit, that other contract controls.

Personal Trainer Software That Works Hard Like You Do

Work Hard Training Your Clients And Let RhinoFit Handle The Rest.