Gym Software Features That Are Essential

Gym Software Features That Are Essential

What Makes A Software Feature Essential?

Essential features are those that every gym software should have. They make doing your job easier, free up time, and save money. Basically they get you back to doing what you love, instead of sitting behind a computer all day. 

While some smaller gyms could probably get by without using software, it’s a must have for larger gyms and fitness facilities. Software is necessary to successfully run their operations. While many software solutions exist, not all have the essential features needed by today’s gym owners. Without these features you wont have enough time to streamline operations and drive growth. We’ve outlined these essential gym software features in the paragraphs ahead.

Automatic Recurring Billing

We believe the number one feature of any gym software to be automatic recurring billing. Without the ability to bill automatically, gym owners must run credit cards manually, or wait for members to mail their payments. This one feature alone can free up hours of tedious, time consuming work and allow you to focus on other activities like growing your business.

Membership Management

Membership management is another must have feature. Selling membership is the number one source of revenue for most gyms. Having a wide range of memberships to accommodate every type of member really helps. Without a centralized place to store these memberships, managing them can be difficult. Having a well designed membership system will allow you to focus on selling them, instead of fumbling with paperwork.

Class Calendar

Class based gyms rely heavily on scheduling software for a number of reasons. Most gyms offer classes, some offer appointments with personal trainers, while others offer events. In either scenario, managing all this on a white board is difficult to say the least. Scheduling software allows members to book their own classes or appointments, cancel them if necessary, or reschedule. This can all be done without any help from staff using the class calendar.

Workout Tracking

Workout tracking software benefits trainers and members alike. Tracking performance allows trainers to demonstrate how effective their training has been. On the other hand, members who track their own performance love to see the growth, and keep coming back for more.

Reporting Software

Streamlined reporting feature allows you to organize the most important information about your business. It can tell where you’re going right and predict future trends. A rich reporting system can provide you with valuable insights about your gym and the habits of the people who use it. Reporting software helps with decision making and takes gym ownership to the next level.

Mobile App

Using a free mobile app makes it simple for your members to see what’s happening at the gym. The can reserve classes, make appointments, and track their fitness levels. This feature keeps your members engaged with the gym, which in turn helps with member retention and providing an excellent user experience.
RhinoFit member management software running on tablet, desktop or a handheld device

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