At RhinoFit we’re here to simpify gym management software for all types of gyms, studios, and recreation centers. With powerful features to automate gym operations, we give you all the tools to succeed and grow with us. 

Email marketing targeted to your gym
Email Marketing to Grow your Business
Email Marketing Is Here To Stay Email marketing reaches billions of people daily. With about 1.5 billion people checking their Gmail each day, you can...
30 Day free trial to join the gym
3 Steps for Building a Successful Gym Campaign
Gym Marketing Made Easy Marketing your gym to the right audience requires a certain set of skills. While not every gym owner starts out with these skills,...
Woman scheduled a kick boxing class using online software
Automate your Gym Scheduling and Appointments
Gym Scheduling Software Keeps You On Track Planning is a key component to owning a successful business. Using the right gym scheduling software not only...
Woman taking online yoga classes at home on her laptop
Email and Text Automation for Gyms
Stay Connected with your Gym Members with Email & Text Automation Email and text automation help businesses and clients stay connected. Staying connected...
Woman using plastic key tag to scan into her gym
Simplify the Gym Check-in Process
Gym Check In – Simplified Keeping track of gym check-in typically rests with the front desk personnel. They either scan a key card, or look members...
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