Application Updates, April 2024

System Updates

Application Updates, April 2024

Application Updates Regarding New Features, Updated Hardware, Bug Fixes, and Feature Enhancements

New Features

  • Added Door Access Control (DAC) “Remote Control” capability in preparation for the DAC 3.0 hardware release.
  • Added DAC Remote Control UI, including interaction issuance and confirmation, as well as ability to cancel recent requests.
  • Added API routes to handle Remote Control protocols with units in the field.
  • Added reports in the paradigm of other DAC reports regarding DAC Remote Control events.

Updated Hardware

  • Successfully completed field and FCC tests of Door Access Control (DAC) 3.0.
  • DAC 3.0 features include the following changes and improvements:
    • Improved network stack – Thousands of hours of testing across dozens of test environments have yielded no network resolution issues. (Note, however, that the DAC 3.0 only supports wired CAT-5 networking – there is no WiFi.)
    • Door Strike/Maglock actuation converted from transistor to relay – Several use cases, specifically those relying on existing installations with third party power supplies for their Door Strike/Maglock, required zero-voltage signaling. The relay allows the DAC 3.0 to support either 12v DC or zero-voltage signaling installations without additional hardware.
    • Native Wiegand support – Supports both USB and Wiegand 26 Bit HID10301 input without additional hardware. This enables the DAC 3.0 to be a drop-in replacement in many scenarios and enables robust and redundant access modalities.
    • Push to Exit – Ability to trigger door actuation using a closed loop. This enables the device to be wired to a push-to-exit system or be wired in-line with other control systems that need an automated mechanism to unlatch the door.
    • Sound and light notification – Output lines support LED or buzzer output when door is unlatched. Additionally, the device still supports text-to-speech on successful and failed scans using a USB-to-aux audio output. Behavioral LED indicators have been moved to a less conspicuous location on the front face of the unit.
    • Reset and Shutdown – Device now has a button that facilitates device reset and shutdown, and the device can also be remotely reset or shutdown. Additionally, the device can reset its connected USB devices remotely.
    • Static Convection Cooling – The DAC 3.0 is designed with large heatsinks and a design that facilitates cooling via the movement of air currents caused by the rising heat from the compute unit. The result is the removal of a mechanical point of failure (the cooling fan) and severe noise reduction as the device now operates nearly silently (the relay actuation remains slightly audible).
  • The DAC 3.0 design will be used for net-new distributions beginning May of 2024.  A not unsubstantial reserve of DAC 2.0 units has been maintained to support existing needs for the foreseeable future. Marketing material will be updated to reflect the new design. Existing DAC 2.0 units will remain functional but will receive no further feature updates.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed edge case where user memberships that have been placed in an inconsistent state by rare and unsupported user manipulation caused temporary block of membership renewals.
  • Fixed edge case where the membership-state consistency engine could erroneously mark memberships expired before renewal processing, thereby blocking membership renewal.
  • Fixed issue where staff could not edit a single-purchase membership because said membership did not appear in the drop down due to being purchased previously. Such a single purchase membership now shows on the drop down list when being edited and is therefore editable.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to delete multiple memberships from a discount caused duplicate memberships to be added to said discount. Added additional security check for appropriate permissions on request submission.
  • Fixed “Referral Source” field misalignment on add/edit member/staff view.
  • Fixed issue where discounts that were removed from a membership but tied to a discount associated with specific memberships would show as “checked” and therefore applied when the UI to edit the user membership was reloaded. The Add/Edit Membership UI has been modified to ensure the actual state displays when the UI is loaded, thereby accurately conveying the state of the user membership and its discounts. The UI had other improvements to ensure interaction when editing discounts and the membership reflect expected behavior.

Feature Enhancements

  • Refactored Staff Overview UI elements regarding appointments to consider and display appointments covered by memberships or otherwise not billed.
  • Refactored Staff Overview underlying reports regarding appointments and memberships:
    • Appointment Overview – Added “net”, “tax”, “total”, and changed summary total to track the “net” collected; also added “membership” metadata where a membership covered the appointment.
    • Memberships Sales Volume – Added “net”, “tax”, “total”, and changed summary total to track the “net” collected; also added “membership” metadata.
  • Enhanced various reports that joined staff to objects to reduce time-to-display.
  • Enhanced Appointment Slot UI with (i) searchable staff selection and (ii) converted all blocking alert messages with non-blocking notifications.
  • Enhanced Product Purchase UI with searchable product selection.
  • Enhanced Batch Reserve UI with searchable class time selection.
  • Enhanced Add Membership to User UI with additional input verification consistent with business logic associated to underlying object.
  • Re-ordered columns regarding “communications” and “notes” in the Communication Center so that the date is the first column and the results are therefore automatically sorted by date.

These updates are in direct response to customer feedback and suggestions. They were implemented to address individual and general concerns of business owners actively using the RhinoFit Gym Member Management Software to manage their facility. RhinoFit has published these updates in demonstration of its commitment to its customers’ evolving needs.

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