We know how hard it can be to run a gym. RhinoFit offers a wide range of useful features in our gym management software. It’s designed to simplify gym operations without breaking the bank.

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Gym management software allows owners to keep track of members, billing, and memberships. Generally speaking, it would be nearly impossible to run a busy gym without some type of gym software. Built for the gym industry, RhinoFit offers owners an inexpensive alternative to overpriced gym systems. We strive to provide an easy-to-use set of tools designed specifically for gym owners and personal trainers alike.

Our gym management software includes a free fitness app for Android or Apple phones. It can be used on any device with a connection to the internet. Furthermore it provides you with the ability to automate the most time consuming tasks in your gym. Above all else, you can save time and money using the RhinoFit gym software. 

Our fitness software automates many of the daily tasks required to run a gym like member management, email communications, class management, and access tracking. Freeing up this time allows gym owners to spend more time on growing their business and marketing their gym. 

RhinoFit Gym Management Software Price chart - includes karate software and taekwondo software running on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices.

Powerful Gym Management Features

RhinoFit comes complete with all the features necessary to run any gym. We designed our gym software to save gym owners valuable time by automating some of the most time consuming daily tasks like member billing and signing in members. 

24/7 Door Access Control

RhinoFit’s 24/7 door access control provides gym owners with the freedom to leave the gym if necessary. Operate a 24 hour facility with ease, knowing only your members have access. Learn more about our door access control.

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Website Design and Gym Templates With Our Gym Software
Customizable Gym Templates

Make your brand stand out by adding your company's theme colors, tagline, and logo to your website.

Integrated Product Store

Build a custom product store to sell supplements, merchandise, and more!

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Connect your Gym POS system to our Fitness Software
Pay with credit card mobile reader
Easy To Pair

Connect your POS system to our gym management software in only a few seconds.

Powerful Payment Technology

Accept any type of payment including magstripe, chip & pin, or contactless.

RhinoFit Fitness App 2.0

You can certainly feel the power of the Rhino at your fingertips! Download our free iPhone or Android fitness app to make class reservations, track WODs and benchmarks, and view their attendance history. Learn More About Our Fitness App



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  • Boxing Gyms
  • Pro Wrestling Training Centers
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Yoga Studios
  • Personal Trainers
  • Rock Climbing Gyms
  • Boot Camps
  • Cheerleading Schools
  • Strength & Conditioning Gyms
  • Dance Studios
  • Martial Arts Facilities
  • Sports Clubs

Who Uses RhinoFit's Gym Management Software?

Many different businesses use RhinoFit Software. It’s not just for strength & conditioning gyms anymore. With all the built in features included with our  gym software, it makes sense to look into RhinoFit for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gym Management Software is designed to help gym owners manage their day-to-day operations. Most gym management software platforms include membership management, billing, class management, workout tracking, and other key features. 

  1. Gym Management Software Simplifies Gym Operations

Truthfully, it would be almost impossible to run a busy gym without some type of management software! Can you imagine dealing with everything solely on paper and spreadsheets?

Gym management software automates routine tasks like member check-ins, attendance, membership renewals, billing, and class scheduling. You no longer need to hire additional employees to manage day-to-day operations at your gym. Let the software do the work!

2. Gym Management Software Saves Time and Energy

Gym management software reduces the time required to complete administrative tasks such as membership billing, email communications, and reporting. This way you don’t have to waste your time reminding your employees about overdue bills or expired credit cards. The system will automatically send out bill reminders and automations for any failed payments.

Gym management software also helps improve booking and class scheduling. It can be stressful managing your weekly calendars with all your group training classes, appointments, and personal training sessions.  With gym management software, you can easily manage your members and their timeslots all in one place. Also, you save your members time by allowing them to book classes online!

3. Gym Management Software Increases Member Retention

Members care about all aspects of their gym… as they should!  Assuming they enjoy the workouts and community, the fitness software is also vital to the overall member experience and should be user-friendly. You are giving your members the tools they need to improve their fitness journey and to hold themselves accountable. With gym management software, they can easily access their daily workout logs and progress reports. This is a great way to retain your members and keep them motivated.

Gym management software can be used to keep your members engaged. Communication tools and automations can be set up to send out “We Miss You” messages, appointment reminders, and birthday wishes. Member retention tools such as churn rate, class attendance, and last log-in are also great indicators for tracking your member’s satisfaction.

With RhinoFit, you take full control of setting up your gym memberships and member billing options. Simply create a membership, type in RhinoFit and pick a payment interval!  With RhinoFit you set up your member billing as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually.  With our payment integration, you charge your members’ bank accounts or credit cards and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.  Plus, you can even set up automatic payment reminders and alerts to go out to your members for any failed bills! This way, you can sit back and let RhinoFit do the rest.

Set up a Payment Processor for your Member Billing

Member billing with RhinoFit has been made simple for you. The first thing you’ll need is a payment provider.

As RhinoFit’s parent company with over 30 years of experience, we offer Gulf Management Systems as our preferred payment provider to our gyms. There are many benefits to GMS that other companies don’t provide. Here are a few:

  • Discounted Rates: Get discounted processing rates on credit card processing and ACH payments (clients average 2.3-2.5% for credit cards and a flat rate of $0.50/ACH transaction).
  • Automatic Member Billing: Set up monthly recurring Credit Card or ACH payments.
  • Industry Experience: GMS has worked with thousands of gyms and fitness studios over the years.
  • Excellent Customer Service: GMS works under the same roof as RhinoFit, so all payment issues are handled directly. No need to worry about talking to a robot!
  • Direct Payment Integration: Connect your software seamlessly with GMS. Get updated information on any approved or declined transactions.


Gulf Management Systems has some of the best rates in the fitness industry. Once you choose to go with GMS, we make the sign-up process simple. After you are approved, customer service will provide you with an orientation to explain the process and answer your questions!

The Free RhinoFit Fitness App is designed for gym owners, coaches, and gym members! The gym management app is available for any type of Apple device or Android and can be downloaded on IOS or from the Google Play Store. Whether through a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, our fitness app makes working out enjoyable!

With the RhinoFit app, users can easily sign in, reserve classes, book appointments, track belt progressions, create and track workouts, communicate with other members, and so much more! The RhinoFit fitness app has a variety of features to keep motivation high!

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Vincent / Jacob
a month ago
Rhino fit is an amazing site/ app we just opened up a gym and are using them to keep track of everything. everyone we have spoken to has been super helpful with everything we need. they also offer to make a website for you which we did. Kevin Jackman was who specifically did our website, and he was absolutely amazing. super easy to give him all the info and fast with making any changes we had wanted!
Daniel Ferreira
a week ago
Kevin was phenomenal in developing my companies website. Prompt responses, clarified and correction issues that arose and overall professional to deal with. Thanks again.
Julian Vigil Sr
a month ago
I just want to give Kevin Jackman a shout out on designing my website. He was very informative throughout the entire process. He made the changes I requested and worked with me efficiently on getting it together. I look forward to us keeping the relationship and evolving the website as we make changes and additions to our business. Thank yoiu
Joanna Rendon
8 months ago
I had an excellent experience working with Kevin J. on designing my gym's website. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and translated our vision into a sleek and user-friendly website. The attention to detail and creativity they brought to the project truly set them apart. Communication was seamless, and they were always responsive to our feedback, making the entire process smooth and efficient. I highly recommend Kevin J. for anyone seeking a top-notch web designer. Our online presence has been greatly enhanced, and our members love the new site!

Let RhinoFit™ gym management software do all the heavy lifting.